Corporate Leadership


Global Governance

Competitive Strategies

Forging Effective Executive Teams

Upskilling of Leaders

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Extensive Global Networks

With more than 25 years of worldwide travel to work with executives, governments and universities, Jens has cultivated a significant network of senior
leaders in many different industries.


Clear Solutions

Strategies must be Doable

Jens' strategy suggestions are based on the premise that strategy must be implementable without contortions of the organization. His solutions are practically relevant and understandable throughout the firm.


Global Knowledge

Seamless Integration of Cultures

Jens travels extensively in Europe, Asia and North America and understands how cultural nuances create effective platforms for growth and performance. Jens is a superbly effective "Ambassador" for foreign-owned firms.



Good People create Great Firms

Jens focuses on enthusiastic and well-motivated people to create stunning growth. Whether joining a sales rep on the road, or wandering through a manufacturing hall, Jens understands the core needs of businesses.

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Jens Mueller provides professional services to Leaders, Entities and Governments worldwide

Jens specializes in governance and entrepreneurship strategies to enhance the performance of organizations. A large emphasis of his work is to effectively connect entities to their stakeholders, and to focus on outcomes rather than outputs.

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